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​​Learn about life cycle costs and the extensive laboratory and field testing to enhance pump efficiency and reliability.



Pump Efficiency Articles:

Pump Life Cycle Costs – A Guide to LCC Analysis for Pumping Systems
A collaboration between the Hydraulic Institute, Europump, and the US Department of Energy’s Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT).

Energy Savings through Pump Refurbishment and Coatings
Prepared for the Monroe County Water Authority - Rochester, NY

Pump Optimization through the Use of Polymer Composite Coating Technology
Written by W. Allen Evans, A.W. Chesterton Company

Save Energy by Refurbishing and Coating Pumps
Published in Pump Maintenance

Coating of Pumps to Achieve Optimum Performance
Published in World Pulp & Paper

Using Coatings to Reduce Energy Consumption in Pumps and Ventilators
A study produced on behalf of the Danish Technological Institute

Coating as a Way to Reduce Energy Consumption
Presentation for the Danish Technological Institute

Reliability & Efficiency Case Studies

Learn about the return on investment from the use of ARC Efficiency & Protective Coatings in specific industry challenges and applications: