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Protective Coatings: Shop Services

FluidEfficiency provides shop-based, protective coating service that combines high-performance coatings with application expertise to deliver superior protection.

As a coating manufacturer and applicator, our FluidEfficiency service center provides single point of service and accountability. Our focus on proper surface preparation and coating selection ensures that the coating performs to the highest standards.

Expertise Based on Equipment Experience

Our shops are factory certified and understand the criticality of surface preparation for long-lasting, reliable coating protection. Not only are our technicians familiar with the application of coatings but also have a working knowledge of the equipment to ensure equipment performance is enhanced. We have experience with a wide variety of equipment to provide better-than-new-performance in tough chemical and abrasive applications.

Contact us to discuss your coating requirements:

  • Elbows, reducers, and pipes
  • Pump impellers and volute casings
  • Wear plates
  • Chutes
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Rollers


​Abrasion Resistance High Temperature
​Castable Materials​Metal Repair/Rebuilding
​Ceramic Tile Replacement​Potable Water / NSF 61
​Chemical Resistant​Pump Efficiency/Energy Reduction
​Emergency Repair​Rapid Cure
​Erosion/Corrosion Resistant​Rubber Lining Repair
​High Impact​Ship Deck

FluidEfficiency Industrial Coatings Application Services