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Protective Coatings: Field Services

FluidEfficiency's experienced field application crews provide turnkey coating solutions from protecting large infrastructure components to on-site equipment. Our specialists recommend the most effective ARC protective coatings to meet the demands of your process challenges and the equipment in question.

We provide smooth and safe, project execution. With experience in every major industry coating for both metal and concrete, FluidEfficiency assists in protecting critical structures and systems to extend longevity and lowering life-cycle costs. We excel at identifying equipment that can be repaired versus replaced, often with significant return on investment in terms of cost savings and productivity.

Concrete Components: Secondary Containment, Sumps, Pits, Drains, and Industrial Flooring

Metal Components: Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Chillers, Pipe, Elbows and Reducers, Ducts, and Large Process Equipment


​Abrasion Resistance High Temperature
​Castable Materials​Metal Repair/Rebuilding
​Ceramic Tile Replacement​Potable Water / NSF 61
​Chemical Resistant​Pump Efficiency/Energy Reduction
​Emergency Repair​Rapid Cure
​Erosion/Corrosion Resistant​Rubber Lining Repair
​High Impact​Ship Deck


​Chemical Resistance​Concrete Protection
​Concrete Repair/Rebuilding​Industrial Floors