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Industrial Coatings Advisory Services

​FluidEfficiency offers a turnkey solution approach for metal and concrete industrial coating projects of all sizes. Our services may be offered in connection with a large project where protective coatings are applied or as a standalone, fee-based service.

Project Analysis & Recommendations

Our field and engineering experts will perform the due diligence to understand all parameters that will impact industrial coating selection and application. Our depth of experience in proper surface preparation and selection of the best, long-term protective coating solution for challenges and conditions help ensure a successful outcome.

Service Scope

  • Project engineering support
  • In-house and in-field coating applicator training
    NACE-certified coating inspection services
  • Efficiency and productivity opportunities analysis
  • Customized services defined in collaboration with client

Our experienced field engineers will work with you to identify asset preservation opportunities and repair vs. replacement strategies that will often save considerable downtime and cost.

Coating Advisory Services