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Pump Efficiency

​​Centrifugal pumps account for over 50% of electricity use in industrial plants. FluidEfficiency will help your facility achieve often dramatic energy and cost savings in pump systems by applying best energy management practices and reviewing the energy consumption of existing equipment.

Our Process

We conduct an energy efficiency assessment, which is a comprehensive on-site audit of critical and power intensive process equipment.  The FluidEfficiency team will perform the audit using specialized equipment without interruption of the process. Our engineers will measure the energy use of existing pumping equipment and review the system requirements and pump operating design points.

Measurement of Centrifugal Pump Hydraulics:

  • Total Dynamic Head – Feet, Meters
  • Capacity – GPM, M3PH, MGD
  • Measurement of three-phase motor power usage
    • Potential – Voltage
    • Current – Amperage
      Phase Difference(Power Factor)
    • Hydraulic Efficiency


  • Detailed findings
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Turn-key solutions

This service is often combined with:

  • Onsite and offsite repair services
  • Engineered products optimized for efficiency
  • Utility rebate

FluidEfficiency Pump Efficiency