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Plant Performance

Today's competitive environment requires plants to optimize performance continuously in efficiency, reliability, maintainability, and environmental compliance. The FluidEfficiency team works with your plant management to implement sustainable programs to help meet goals. By improving your plant's performance using a combination of technology, best practices, and expertise, we can simultaneously reduce plant operating costs, and assist with environmental goals and safety.

Assessment Areas

FluidEfficiency provides performance improvement opportunities with plant-wide, system, and equipment-based assessments to:

  • Gain efficiencies from equipment energy savings and from logistics, inventory, and procurement.
  • Improve reliability by defining baseline performance, performing gap analyses, and then prioritizing and implementing solutions.
  • Achieve sustainable performance by addressing the commercial and environmental impact of water use and process fluid leakage
  • Generate cost-effective improvements by combining best practices with proven technology

Efficiency Targets

We review performance opportunities in each of the following areas:

  • Rotating equipment including pumps, gear boxes, fans, screws, motors, etc.
  • Stationary equipment such as valves and heat exchangers
  • Infrastructure such as tanks, containment systems, and flooring

FluidEfficiency Plant Performance Services