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Steam Trap Testing & Maintenance Services

Steam traps are a critical component to a steam system. The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that approximately 20% of the steam leaving a central boiler system is lost via leaking steam traps in typical space heating systems. In addition, malfunctioning steam traps can adversely impact process quality.

assists plants by inspecting and repairing steam traps on a routine basis and conduct an energy efficient assessment.

Audit Process

The FluidEfficiency team conducts a comprehensive onsite audit of steam traps—identifying mode of failure, and steam loss and cost without interruption of the process. The process can include:

  • Measurement of each steam trap
    • Ultrasonic Leak rate measurements
    • Thermographic imaging

  • Tagging and recording leakage
    • Apply stainless wire tie and tag

  • Documentation
    • Application (style, size), location, temperature and pressure

  • Identifying Costs and ROI
    • Use standardized tools to estimate leakage costs

  • Rebates
    • Utility rebates available for both audits and repairs

  • Turnkey Solutions
    • On-site steam trap repair services

Steam Trap Testing