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Pump Systems Efficiency

​​FluidEfficiency engineers identify opportunities to improve pumping systems throughput, cooling, reliability, and energy efficiency. Our engineers are well versed in pump design and systems and will review and analyze system issues. Working with your team, we prioritize the plant systems that require review and identify your goals for system efficiency, reliability, and total cost.

Project Scope

Our services may include the following activities:

  • Establish baseline performance in maintenance costs, energy costs, and overall equipment and system efficiencies (OEE.
  • Identify misapplied pumps for the system requirements
  • Review system controls and operational set points
  • Identify pumps with operating points deviating from the manufacturer’s pump curve and determine the energy saving opportunities
  • Create condition assessments on system equipment
  • Review preventative, predictive, and reactive maintenance practices
  • Determine utility rebate opportunities

Each pump system and each plant is unique, and FluidEfficiency offers a customized approach to optimize your plant's performance. Assessments conform to the framework set forth in ASME EA2/ISO 14414.

FluidEfficiency Pump Systems Efficiency